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Page from Love Makes a Family
read to Crow Island Kindergarteners in Winnetka D36

Using Macbeth to Teach Radical Gender Theory at New Trier. Plus, information about opting out on Two Boys Kissing and our next NTN event. Read more here.

New Trier Doubles Down on Racial Equity Agenda – It’s “K-12 work” “just like English and Math.” Read more here.

Candidates Hand-Picked by Winnetka Caucus Decline to Appear at League of Women Voters’ Forum. Read more here.

The Gender Unicorn in American Studies class at New Trier. Read more here.

Winnetka D36 Superintendent takes aim at New Trier Neighbors – plus our response. Read more here.

Family Unit for Kindergarteners in Winnetka’s D36 Leaves Some Parents Questioning School Judgment Read more here.

“Teaching While White” and Other Critical Race Theory Trainings for Area Teachers. Read more here.

“How old were when you first had sexual intercourse? ” Questions from New Trier’s Feb 8 Youth Risk Behavior Survey for all students. Read more here.

Mother Jones credits Parents of New Trier (predecessor to New Trier Neighbors) with starting the parents movement!  Read more here.

What is New Trier’s Policy on Pronouns?

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Dr. Dorian Abbot, University of Chicago Associate Professor of Geophysical Sciences

May 16 – An Evening with Parental Rights Expert and Attorney Will Estrada

Tickets available here!

The past couple years have been a wake-up call to parents regarding about what’s going on in America’s classrooms. But what exactly are parents’ rights as it relates to education? What additional rights would the Parent Bill of Rights, recently passed by the US House of Representatives, provide? What could be some of the consequences if these rights are not explicitly legislated at a federal level?

Please join us Tuesday, May 16, at 6:30 – 8 :30 p.m. at a Wilmette home (address provided after registration) for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and remarks from Will Estrada, attorney and President of and the Parental Rights Foundation, two nationwide nonprofits headquartered in Loudoun County, Virginia that have advocated at the local, state, and federal levels to protect children by empowering parents.

Tickets available here.

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