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About Us

Welcome to New Trier Neighbors! 

 New Trier Neighbors (NTN) is for residents of New Trier Township who believe in building community through common sense, free enterprise, and the Golden Rule. 

NTN is for vigorous honest discussion on the merits of issues — not shutting down debate through intimidation or personal attacks. Here, you won’t find “safe spaces”, but you will find lots of great information:

  • How our schools are fighting individuals on their property tax appeals and to do about it;
  • Why Wilmette must preserve the right of local businesses to make decisions on wages and not adopt an artificially determined minimum wage that could destroy entry-level job opportunities;
  • Specifics about local public schools, how they are using your tax dollars, what they are teaching your kids, and how to constructively engage to improve our schools;
  • The latest must reads and thoughtful, challenging voices on the issues dividing our country, and fresh, diverse solutions on how to build it up instead;
  • Upcoming events from school board meetings, to uplifting community, cultural, and learning opportunities for your family;

New Trier Neighbors is hosting gatherings, and will be featuring national speakers. Stay tuned!

New Trier Neighbors was founded exclusively by local new Trier residents who joined together to create a vibrant “gathering spot” where:

  • Intellectual diversity and honest discussion are valued
  • We teach our young people to think and engage when faced with fresh and challenging ideas
  • We focus on issues, not name-calling

New Trier Neighbors is proud to be a grass roots organization powered 100% by local resident volunteers. Our revenue comes primarily from board members, private donations and fundraising events. We would be so happy if you would donate to the cause and for your voice to be head in New Trier Township. Be assured that we respect and appreciate our donors. And like all responsible 501 c4 organizations, we will protect your privacy.

We hope you look around, and that you enjoy your New Trier Neighbors!


© 2017 New Trier Neighbors