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Embrace truth and reason while embracing intellectual diversity in the classroom and village square

Free Enterprise

Encourage innovation and excellence to create vibrant communities that value people, businesses and human capacity

The Golden Rule

Treat each other with civility as we build communities where diverse individuals and families will flourish



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Year in Review, plus our first program of 2024 with Ian Rowe. Read more here.

The Near Cancellation of Carols at Crow Island School … read more here.

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Full house for “Unsettled Science: Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Young Adults” at the Wilmette Public Library! Plus Illinois Report Cards are out…New Trier falls to “commendable.” Read more here.

“Cornhole the ear-c*nt” and other phrases from a New Trier sophomore English short story assignment. Read more here.

Using Macbeth to Teach Radical Gender Theory at New Trier. Plus, information about opting out on Two Boys Kissing and our next NTN event. Read more here.

New Trier Doubles Down on Racial Equity Agenda – It’s “K-12 work” “just like English and Math.” Read more here.

Candidates Hand-Picked by Winnetka Caucus Decline to Appear at League of Women Voters’ Forum. Read more here.

Mother Jones credits Parents of New Trier (predecessor to New Trier Neighbors) with starting the parents movement!  Read more here.

New Trier Adopts Civil Discourse/Critical Thinking Statement. Read more here.

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Join us for our first program of 2024 sponsored by the National School Choice Awareness Foundation!

The Power of Agency: Lessons in Transformation from the South Bronx

An Evening with Ian Rowe of  Vertex Partnership Academies, American Enterprise Institute and  Author of “Agency

January 22, 2024 | 6:30 pm | Loyola Academy

Video now available!

Presented by New Trier Neighbors and the National School Choice Awareness Foundation

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