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Update on the Freedom of Religion Flag! Plus special April 21st screening of Eli Steele’s latest film (it’s been taken off YouTube and Vimeo — so only way to see it here is at this event! Click here see below!)

New Trier Neighbors proposes Freedom of Religion Flag to Village of Wilmette and Wilmette/Glencoe/Highland seeks to hired a shared DEI consultant. Read more here.

Cancellation of Holocaust Remembrance Day at New Trier. Read more here.

Year in Review, plus our first program of 2024 with Ian Rowe. Read more here.

The Near Cancellation of Carols at Crow Island School … read more here.

Other news from New Trier Neighbors:

Full house for “Unsettled Science: Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Young Adults” at the Wilmette Public Library! Plus Illinois Report Cards are out…New Trier falls to “commendable.” Read more here.

“Cornhole the ear-c*nt” and other phrases from a New Trier sophomore English short story assignment. Read more here.

Using Macbeth to Teach Radical Gender Theory at New Trier. Plus, information about opting out on Two Boys Kissing and our next NTN event. Read more here.

New Trier Doubles Down on Racial Equity Agenda – It’s “K-12 work” “just like English and Math.” Read more here.

Candidates Hand-Picked by Winnetka Caucus Decline to Appear at League of Women Voters’ Forum. Read more here.

Mother Jones credits Parents of New Trier (predecessor to New Trier Neighbors) with starting the parents movement!  Read more here.

New Trier Adopts Civil Discourse/Critical Thinking Statement. Read more here.

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Join us April 21st for a special screening of “Killing America: Can America’s Schools’ Be Saved?” 

Award-winning filmmaker Eli Steele (“How Jack Became Black” and “What Killed Michael Brown”) will be at the AMC Northbrook Theaters, Sunday, April 21st, (4-6 pm) for a screening and live panel discussion of his latest film “Killing America.”  Click here for tickets.

The short-form documentary follows the impact of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at the upscale Menlo Atherton High School in California, including the lowering of standards, the ending of merit-based education and the dramatic increase of ugly anti-Semitism, especially in the wake of the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas. 

After the 40-minute film, writer/director Eli Steele, David Bernstein of the Jewish Institute of Liberal Values, and Pastor Corey Brooks of Project HOOD, will be part of an all-star panel. All are welcome! Bring friends who may be new to the concept of DEI and the influence it is having on education and our communities.  

The film was recently released on YouTube and Vimeo but taken down due to complaints by the Menlo Atherton school newspaper (which run by students, overseen by teachers) and a student, all of whom complained of copyright violations. Eli Steele is a veteran filmmaker, well aware of Fair Use rules, and calls the removal of the film “weaponized censorship.

Bottom line – right now the only place you’ll see the film in Chicago is at this special screening. 

Get your tickets today! Space is limited! Scan the QR Code below or click here for tickets.

Presented by  Jewish Institute for Liberal Values

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