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Page from Love Makes a Family
read to Crow Island Kindergarteners in Winnetka D36

Using Macbeth to Teach Radical Gender Theory at New Trier. Plus, information about opting out on Two Boys Kissing and our next NTN event. Read more here.

New Trier Doubles Down on Racial Equity Agenda – It’s “K-12 work” “just like English and Math.” Read more here.

Candidates Hand-Picked by Winnetka Caucus Decline to Appear at League of Women Voters’ Forum. Read more here.

The Gender Unicorn in American Studies class at New Trier. Read more here.

Winnetka D36 Superintendent takes aim at New Trier Neighbors – plus our response. Read more here.

Family Unit for Kindergarteners in Winnetka’s D36 Leaves Some Parents Questioning School Judgment Read more here.

“Teaching While White” and Other Critical Race Theory Trainings for Area Teachers. Read more here.

“How old were when you first had sexual intercourse? ” Questions from New Trier’s Feb 8 Youth Risk Behavior Survey for all students. Read more here.

Mother Jones credits Parents of New Trier (predecessor to New Trier Neighbors) with starting the parents movement!  Read more here.

What is New Trier’s Policy on Pronouns?

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The Chicago Way” Returned to the North Shore!

Are you ready for straight talk about the issues facing the Windy City and the Land of Lincoln? 

“The Chicago Way” returned to the North Shore on Sunday, September 17, from 4-7 pm in Wilmette for BBQ and insightful and entertaining commentary from legendary Chicago Tribune news columnist John Kass, now of, joined by AM 560’s Dan Proft.

200+ came to hear John and Dan tackle the pressing issues facing Chicago and Illinois.

John Kass is a columnist and former editorial board member for the Chicago Tribune. He is now principal of and host of the popular “The Chicago Way” podcast on WGN+.

Dan Proft is an entrepreneur, former Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, and host of Chicago’s Morning Answer, a drive time radio show on Salem Radio AM 560.

Next Event – Dr. Michail Bailey, renowned human sexuality professor who was “cancelled” for exploring the possibility that there is a social component to explain the recent explosion in cases of gender dysphoria. 

Date to be announced shortly – we will notify you via our NTN newsletter so be sure to open yours! Sign up for the NTN newsletter here!

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