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An Inside Look at how the Shutdown is Impacting a Local Business


Only three weeks ago most of us were going to work, meeting for coffee, or headed to school. Now, parks are closed, working from home is literally a rule (if you are lucky enough to work) and we are all part of the homeschool movement.

Small businesses have been hit hard in our communities with forced shutdowns and limited services due to COVID-19. We asked JP McCarthys, one of our favorite spots for hosting New Trier Neighbors Mix-n-Mingles, how they are faring and what residents can do to help small businesses like theirs.


How has the shutdown affected you?  

We closed our dining room as soon as we heard the governor’s order, and only allow take-out and delivery services, alongside cutting our hours of operation significantly.

We are trying to keep as many of our employees working as possible. Though we had to cut their hours as well as our operational hours, we are trying to cycle their shifts to keep everyone working.


How is food safety being handled at JP McCarthys?  Do you have to take extra precautions during this health crisis?

Food safety precautions are a must in order to keep both our employees and customers safe. All employees are required to wash their hands dozens of times throughout their shift with antibacterial hand soap and wear nitrile medical grade gloves throughout their shift, along with all of our delivery orders being strictly contact-free unless otherwise requested by the customer. In addition all of our take-out orders have switched to strictly curbside pickup.


Have you noticed issues with suppliers or other service providers?

We have established fluid working relationships with reputable distributors and vendors who have ensured prompt service and on-time deliveries which we are very thankful for.


How has Wilmette Chamber of Commerce or government been able to help?

The Village of Wilmette offices have been helpful by offering their Sales Tax Rebate Program which is going to help small businesses like ours and others recover from this health crisis. Along with that we have applied for small business grants and other forms of government assistance.


What are your hours and where can people find out how to order? 

Our hours are Monday through Sunday 4-8PM and you can order by either going to our website or giving us a call at 847-853-9999. We are tremendously grateful for all of our valued customers who continue to support us and other Wilmette small business throughout this extremely difficult time.


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Most of your favorite local spots are open for take out and delivery – even those who previously didn’t offer either. There’s never been a better reason to order out!

The Year in Review


Since New Trier Neighbors launched in October 2017 here is what you have made possible.  If you like what you see, please donate!

Sustained issue campaigns to inform and educate on the D39 tax levy process and Wilmette’s mandatory minimum wage/sick leave debates.

Evening events with famed CNN economist (and New Trier alum) Stephen Moore, attended by nearly 100.

A screening and discussion of the critically acclaimed “How Jack Became Black” at New Trier High School, promoting diversity in racial discussions and attended by 300.

“Mix-n-Mingles” in Winnetka, including hosting our local village trustees and school board members, and speakers including Nicole Neily of Speech First, Jason Hill of DePaul University, Ted Dabrowski from Wirepoints, Bob Muzikowski of Chicago Hope Academy and others.

Exposing race-based hiring practices and teacher segregation at a public school in Evanston. Related media coverage appeared in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Crain’s Chicago Business.

Holding productive discussions with senior New Trier High school administrators on both exposing students to more intellectual diversity, and listening to students who are concerned about political bias in the classroom.

Publishing bi-weekly newsletters keeping North Shore residents up to date on politicized “gun walkouts,” sexuality surveys in schools, and other “must-know” information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Growing our mailing list of North Shore New Trier Neighbors to over 1800!


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Thanks for coming to hear Nicole Neily of Speech First!

Under Nicole’s leadership, last fall Speech First won a lawsuit against the University of Michigan’s use of Bias Response Teams to investigate any student accused of “offensive speech.”  Speech First’s latest lawsuit, which it filed against Iowa State’s “bias board,” was highlighted in The Wall Street Journal.

Since Nicole’s event with us, Speech First reached a settlement with Iowa State, who agreed to change its policies.

Speech First is a non-profit organization fighting to protect free speech rights on college campuses. Comprised of students, parents, alumni, and concerned citizens across the country, Speech First engages the court system to fight against speech codes, bias response teams, trigger warnings, and any other tool used by higher education administrators to weaken free speech protections — and thus the educational environment — on campus.

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