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Page from Love Makes a Family
read to Crow Island Kindergarteners in Winnetka D36

Winnetka Caucus school board candidates decline LWV public debate forum. Read more here.

The Gender Unicorn in American Studies class at New Trier. Read more here.

Winnetka D36 Superintendent takes aim at New Trier Neighbors – plus our response. Read more here.

Family Unit for Kindergarteners in Winnetka’s D36 Leaves Some Parents Questioning School Judgment Read more here.

“Teaching While White” and Other Critical Race Theory Trainings for Area Teachers. Read more here.

“How old were when you first had sexual intercourse? ” Questions from New Trier’s Feb 8 Youth Risk Behavior Survey for all students. Read more here.

Mother Jones credits Parents of New Trier (predecessor to New Trier Neighbors) with starting the parents movement!  Read more here.

What is New Trier’s Policy on Pronouns?

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Jeremy Adams, author of Hollowed Out and California Teacher of the Year 2014

Video of Jeremy Adams, author of “Hollowed Out,” now available!

New Trier Neighbors welcomed Jeremy Adams, California Teacher of the Year and author of “Hollowed Out: A Warning about the Next Generation,” on February 7th via livestream from California at a live event in Wilmette.

View the video here! Buy his best-selling book here!

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