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Common Sense

Embrace truth and reason while embracing intellectual diversity in the classroom and village square

Free Enterprise

Encourage innovation and excellence to create vibrant communities that value people, businesses and human capacity

The Golden Rule

Treat each other with civility as we build communities where diverse individuals and families will flourish

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How to Pass a High School “Chicago Statement” Click here!
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Pics from “The Chicago Way Comes to the North Event”, white affinity group surveys at New Trier and more. Read here.

Gender theory read aloud in D39 Central School 4th grade class as National Sex Education Standards are adopted in Illinois. Read more here.

Proposed Title IX Rules that redefine sex and women’s sport – and what you can do. Read here.

Gender ideology in Avoca Schools. Read here.

Read the “Rooftop Revelation” interview with Pastor Corey Brooks of Project HOOD and New Trier Neighbor’s Beth Feeley!

Parents prevail in lawsuit, but masks remain at New Trier. Read more here.

Is New Trier’s “Identity Project” based on CRT? Read more here.

How to Pass a High School “Chicago Statement” now available!

More Neighbors groups forming; Assigned same-sex advisories to end at New Trier High School. Read more here.

The Lesson of Virginia Elections: Parents Matter. Read more here.

Does the Department of Justice and National School Boards Association want to curtail the exercise of parents 1st Amendment rights? Read more here.

New Trier Administrators and Board 100% behind novel, “Two Boys Kissing”. Read more >>

Teacher files lawsuit against Evanston public schools for its racist policies. Read more >>

New Trier Adopts Civil Discourse/Critical Thinking Statement Read more>>

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The Chicago Way Came to the North Shore!

Our fall event “The Chicago Way Comes to the North Shore with John Kass and Matt Rosenberg” was blessed with a beautiful day in a beautiful yard with a free-thinking group of people and the entertaining and insightful musings of two long-time respected observers of Chicago, John Kass and Matt Rosenberg!

John Kass is a columnist and former editorial board member for the Chicago Tribune. He is now principal of JohnKassNews.com and host of the popular “The Chicago Way” podcast on WGN+.

Matt Rosenberg is Senior Editor at Wirepoints and author of What Next, Chicago? Notes of a Pissed-Off Native Son.

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