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Say NO to D39 Tax Levy Petition Comments

They Said It. . .


Add Your Voice to the Conversation – SIGN the Petition. Share it with Friends.  Sign Petition Here.


See what your fellow citizens say about D39’s proposed tax levy increase:


“Property taxes are crushing to families financially. We will reach a breaking point, where families will relocate to get relief from the tax, and property values will adjust down accordingly, putting less tax dollars in your budgets.”
“Our schools are fully funded, and this increase is not needed. You are taxing those of us on Medicare out of Wilmette!”
“The schools are excellent and well funded. The additional levy has not been well justified. It cannot be just “routine”; good governance requires reason and rationale behind all decisions.”
More Voices on the unneeded $2 million D39 levy from your neighbors around Wilmette:
“My wife and I recently moved to Wilmette with our 1-year old daughter. We are concerned that ever-rising property taxes, when taken together with the probable loss of a full federal tax exemption for local taxes, will discourage young working families such as ourselves from moving to Wilmette. In light of the new federal tax plan that eliminates full deductions, I think our village needs to be extra sensitive to the financial impacts of tax hikes at the local level. Thank you for your hard work and for your consideration.”
“NO to the school levy hike in 2018. The continuing increase in property taxes are not only shutting out younger families, but us OLDER residents, who are struggling to stay in their homes, and are forced to move due to excessive increases in property taxes for District 39. We are also residents of Wilmette and support our Village and schools, and also deserve to be considered. . .”
“At a time with the federal tax break for property taxes is in jeopardy, given the non-urgent nature of the tax hike, and considering how far beyond inflation the last 15 years of tax increases have been, I urge the board to table this increase and redouble efforts to keep future levies in line with inflation.”
“For every $1000 increase in property tax levy above the CPI property values are reduced by $25,000, It is simply perpetuity math assuming 4% long term interest rates.”

Now It’s Your Turn. . .