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Meet Your New Trier Neighbors Board


James Conley lives in Glencoe with wife Sally and their five children.  He is an  inventor, teacher and author with university faculty appointments in the U.S. and Europe.  He is a member of the New Trier East class of ’79 and has been a property taxpayer in the NT district for 25 years.

Ted Dabrowski lives in Wilmette with his wife Ellen and their son. Their three daughters also all attended Wilmette’s public schools and are graduates of New Trier High School.  Ted’s knowledge of finance, policy and government stems from a 16-year overseas career in finance and management followed by several years of public policy work at the Illinois Policy Institute. In that role he developed a knowledge of the intricacies of state and local policy failures and gained extensive media exposure.

Beth Feeley lives in Wilmette with her husband Kevin and their three children. She is a native of Wilmette, graduate of New Trier (’87) and is a freelance writer and editor for various non-profit organizations. Previously, she worked in consulting and public relations for Hill and Knowlton and Arthur Andersen.

Betsy Hart lives in Wilmette. She and her husband Tom have a blended family of eight children. Betsy is a senior writer for the Washington, D.C., based Heritage Foundation. Previously, she was a syndicated columnist, and served on President Reagan’s White House staff in the Office of Communications.

Carrie Mendoza lives in Glencoe with her husband Myles and three sons. Carrie grew up in Winnetka and graduated from New Trier (’84). She completed medical school at The University of Chicago, attended residency at Denver Health Medical Center, and currently practices on the South Side of Chicago.

Adam Merrill lives in Wilmette with his wife Cindy and their two youngest (of five) children.  A double BYU grad, former PriceWaterhouse auditor, and Kirkland & Ellis partner, Adam now practices commercial litigation and federal criminal defense at Sperling & Slater.

Jonathan Towers lives in Glencoe. He and his wife Ariel have three children, all Trevians. Jonathan is the founder and executive producer at Towers Productions LLC, a TV documentary company based in Northfield. His roster of shows includes American Justice (A&E), Gangland (History), Storm Stories (Weather) and, currently, Strange Inheritance (Fox Business).



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