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How much do you know about Illinois’ Financial Fiasco?

1.) When was the last time Illinois had a balanced budget?  

a.) 2014

b.) 2009

c.) 2001

d.) 1996


2.) Under which governor did Illinois receive 13 credit downgrades, the most under any Illinois governor?

a.) Bruce Rauner -R

b.) Rod Blagoyevich – D

c.) Pat Quinn -D

d.) Jim Edgar – R


3.) Which state currently has the national’s worst credit rating from S&P?

a.) Illinois

b.) California

c.) New York

d.) New Jersey


4.) Which of Illinois’ neighboring states have a AAA rating?

a.) Iowa

b.) Indiana

c.) Missouri

d.) All of the above


5.) What is the current total amount of Illinois’ unpaid bills?

a.) $5 billion

b.) $7 billion

c.) $10 billion

d.) $15 billion



6.) How much have AFSCME (largest union in IL of government workers) salaries grown since from 2005-2015?

a.) 1%

b.) 18 %

c.) 25%

d.) 43%


7.) How much on average have Illinois’ private sector workers grown since from 2005-2015?

a.) 1%

b.) 11%

c.) 18%

d.) 25%


8.)  How much on average do IL state workers on average pay for healthcare in retirement?

a.) Nothing

b.) $100/month

c.) $500/month

d.) $750/month


9.) Approximately how much of Illlinois’ population is on Medicaid, a program designed as a healthcare safety net for the poor and disadvantaged?

a.) 5%

b.) 13%

c.) 21%

d.) 25%


10.) How many people in Illinois are considered living in poverty?

a.) 5%

b.) 13%

c.) 21%

d.) 25%


11.) How many people left Illinois in 2018 (the fifth straight year of losing population)?

a.) 10,000

b.) 25,000

c.) 30,000

d.) 45,000

Check your answers here.