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Minimum Wage – What You can do:


Sign the petition:

Make your opinion count. Ask the Wilmette Village Board to trust our small business community and opt out of the mandatory minimum wage increase.

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Come to the Wilmette Village Board meeting where the final vote will be taken. June 26, 7:00 p.m., Wilmette Village Hall.

Write your village trustees:

Email Bob Bielinski (President)

What We Stand For:

“This is exactly what New Trier Neighbors is here for!”  

Betsy Hart, on senior New Trier High administrators asking for her input on making New Trier – the school and the community – better than ever.

“Read All About It!” and more, below:

Minimum Wage – The Facts:


Say NO to raising the mandatory minimum wage to $13/hour.

What you need to know:

– Cook County is trying to dictate to Wilmette small business owners that they must pay $13 an hour to employees by 2020, and this wage will go up by CPI every year after that. Also, that businesses must provide paid sick leave to employees, and this applies even to 16-year-old part-time workers once they’ve worked two weeks in any six month period.  Most Wilmette entrepreneurs already exceed the Cook County wage minimums and provide generous sick leave. They don’t need Cook County to tell them how to run their businesses.

-What businesses do need is a community that trusts them, and the ability to be flexible in both prosperous and lean times, through seasonal variations, or through any unexpected hardship. This means they get to decide what wages and benefits they are able to offer.

Some businesses think the Cook County ordinances won’t impact them. WRONG. The ordinances come with 80 pages of compliance mandates, which all businesses will have to meet. Dial up a compliance consultant now: if you post the wrong sized required sign in the wrong place, that’s $500 per violation PER DAY. This opens the door to people using the mandates to harass businesses and launch frivolous lawsuits.

The good news is that it’s not too late. The Wilmette Village Board can choose to opt out of this ordinance, as 80% of Cook County suburbs have already done. The final vote is June 26th. Your voice and presence at the meeting could make the difference.


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