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“How Jack Became Black” screening – March 5




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New: Jan 24

Incredible effort from New Trier Neighbors –  more than 200 properties and small businesses were signed up to be part of the tax rate case against Cook County for 2017 – We will keep you posted here along the way on Progress. Didn’t sign up in time? You can get on the list for next year! (See below). This is a great way to get Cook County’s attention when it comes to property taxes, as this isn’t appealing an assessment, but the actual RATE of taxes you pay.  Thanks, New Trier Neighbors!


Want a new way to lower your property taxes?

Find out about how to lower your property taxes in a whole new way HERE.  This year’s rate case has been filed but you can participate in next year’s.


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“This is exactly what New Trier Neighbors is here for!”  

Betsy Hart, on senior New Trier High administrators asking for her input on making New Trier – the school and the community – better than ever.

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