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Articles on Illinois’ proposed “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Standards”

Wirepoints’ latest “9 things to know about Illinois’ pending ‘culturally responsive’ K-12 teaching mandate:

JCAR member IL State Rep Steve Reick:

John Kass, referencing the new standards in his recent column about school choice:

Wirepoints’ previous article picked up by Zerohedge:

Education policy advocate Nathan Hoffman in the Chicago Tribune:

Mark Glennon on WJPF in Carbondale:

Nicole Neilly and Speech First’s latest court win


Stanley Kurtz in National Review:

Related articles regarding other states:

California’s K-12 “ethnic studies”:

One family in Nevada fights back with a lawsuit against their school’s curriculum:

Parents in Silicon Valley fight back against class time used to force 3rd graders to “rank themselves according to their power and privilege.”