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By Patricia D. Netzley

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By Patricia D. Netzley

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In fact, he suspects that the aliens are coming to the planet because the spirit of Earth itself has called on them for help in ridding itself of humans. ” he asks. “Have we been transforming our planet into a cancer cell in the body of the galaxy instead of making it the garden of the universe? Perhaps the 54 Christian, Islamic, Hebrew, Mazdean and Hopi traditions of Judgment Day refer to the day when the earth is once more ‘relieved of its heavy load’”37—that is, relieved of all humans. A similar theory is that the aliens are planning to kill all the humans on Earth and replace them with alien-human hybrids.

It jumped onto the roof of the farmhouse, seemingly wounded, and tried to grab them as they stepped off the porch. They fired their guns at it again until it jumped down from the roof and ran off. 31 The two men then went back inside the house to tell the others what had happened. A few minutes later a creature appeared at the window, and one of the men shot at it through the glass. It darted away, and soon there were noises on the roof. Shortly thereafter, witnesses saw a creature peeking in the window but could not tell whether it was the same creature or a different one.

Psychiatrist Kenneth Ring was among the first to suggest that abductees might have such an ability. ”42 This realm has been connected to fairy tales, myths, and legends, whereby sightings of aliens are essentially the modern equivalent of sightings of creatures like goblins and trolls in earlier times. In describing this realm, educator Mary Pat Mann says that if it existed it would be “a place outside of ordinary time and geography . . where you had experiences, met people, did things in which you could participate but which you could not control.

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