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By Carl Wickland

Vintage e-book on Spiritism, psychic examine, after-death.

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By Carl Wickland

Vintage e-book on Spiritism, psychic examine, after-death.

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Dr. You are a stranger to us. Sp. I don't know whether I shall stay here or not. I am always peculiar among strangers, you know. Dr. Tell us where you came from. Sp. For my dear life, I don't know myself, so how can I tell you? Say, why do you hold my arm? I'm a strong man, and can sit still by myself. Dr. I thought you were a woman. Sp. God above! Why do you think I'm a woman? You'll have to look again, because I am a man, sure enough, and I've always been a man. But things are funny, and I don't know; it has been so peculiar with me for some time.

You are invisible to us. You are temporarily using the body of another; this body, belongs to my wife. Sp. You have told me that before. Dr. Can't you see you are in a strange condition? Mrs. B. Do you know Maggie Mackin? (Another spirit whose presence Mrs. B. ) Sp. Yes, and I know Mary too. Dr. How old were you when you passed out of your body? Can you recall something of your past? Sp. I remember being out riding and the horses ran away, then everything became dark, and since then I do not seem to remember much.

I am a man, that fellow is a man, and the others are women. I have always been a man. I was never a woman, and never will be. You know I am a man. Dr. Look at your hands; where did you get them? Sp. Those are not my hands. Dr. Look at your feet. Sp. They are not mine, either. I never was a woman, and I don't want women's hands and feet, and I don't want to borrow any one's body now. Dr. Are you old ? Sp. Well, I'm not a young kid. Dr. You are probably old in years but not in knowledge. Sp. No, I don't know that I have so much knowledge.

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